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My Chiswick home

Having recently taken on a whole rennovation (with kids and yes we are mad!) has been challenging to say the least. Set on the ever so trendy Devonshire road, just off Chiswick high road its seems like abit of a dream right now. The search for a run down property in Chiswick seemed impossible and at last we finally landed a 3 bed Victorian terraced house which was desparately crying out for some love and attention. The project required a lot of structural repairs in order to gain planning permission for the dorma and kitchen extension.

The structural work took place over a few months and the dusty clothes, smell of bonding, sleepless nights and regular takeaways quickly became a daily routine. Whilst the hubby worked hard, my regular reads of Living etc and pinterest tempted me to unleash all my creativity and love for Interiors in one room being the most important…the bathroom. A learning experience to say the least, but I I wanted to create a bathroom that felt inviting, warm and luxurious as well as a room that allows plenty of ‘me’ time which lets face it can be really hard to obtain with our hectic lives and the endless juggling of work, kids, homework, housework and now a whole rennovation! However seeing my eldest daughter overjoyed and stripping off her clothes as she runs into the walk-in shower made this bathroom all the worthwhile. Even the arguments over the positioning of the toilet and endless trips to tile shops tasted sweet right now. The girls, having been so patient and bearing with the ups and down couldn’t have felt more proud boasting to their friends that ‘daddy built our new house’. To achieve this look I opted for classic shades of grey, marble floor and a stone bathroom set complete with sash windows and underfloor heating.

The Bathroom before…yes really!


And after!


Walk-in wardrobe

A walk-in wardrobe. Ahh that’s the dream hey? A room specifically designed to house and, of course, showcase your hard-earned and much-loved clothing. No more long-forgotten about items crumpled up at the back of the closet, no more bomb-site bedrooms as you pull everything you own out of the drawer in the hope of finding that one top you’ve set your heart on wearing but just. cannot. find.

And whilst the idea of floor-to-ceiling rails, made-to-measure shelving for your shoes and drawers divided up for lingerie, swimwear and other delicates, seems like an unaffordable luxury, think again.

Having moved into a new home recently, I was faced with the challenge of finding use for a room that was too small to be a bedroom and too large to become wasted space. And so it was that I stumbled into my very own walk-in wardrobe. (Ok, so my husband’s suits and shirts have also found lodging here but as soon as my winter wardrobe needs airing, they’re out of here!).

A chic walk in wardrobe needn’t be expensive, and can actually be created more simply than you would think. Take a look at our dressing room inspirations.

There’s a pivotal scene in the original Sex and the City movie when Big walks Carrie through their new penthouse apartment and swings open a set of dark brown doors to reveal a gleaming white closet. The ultimate dressing room, complete with lingerie dividers, jewellery organisers, seasonal compartments for jackets, skirts and tops all topped off with an illuminated shoe rack. Jealous, us?

Haute Couture Hangings

Mariah Carey’s inspiring walk-in wardrobe simply takes your breath away. A spacious and light design with a touch of the regal creates the perfect boutique feel. Add glamorous touches as seen here with the chandelier and french-style seating area. We love the idea of hanging your favourite dresses as wall ornaments to showcase your favourite designer pieces.


minimalist capsule wardrobe

This look is ideal for those who are short on space or who own the ultimate capsule wardrobe. Simple yet inspiring, a pretty vintage-style clothing rod affixed to a wall affords hanging space without the need for bulky wooden wardrobes. Place a simple floating shelf above, and you have ample room for displaying bags and hats. Smaller rails are perfect to hang belts, scarves and bangs, or long stranded necklaces.  You can also place pretty boxes on the floor for extra storage.



Lovingly folded into neat piles, by colour and fabric, of course, these glass units are perfect for showcasing an immaculate wardrobe.  A chaise longue makes the perfect focal point, and comes in handy whilst attempting to decide which of the dozens of shoes to wear.


Shoe Showcase

How luxuriant is this entire unit dedicated to footwear? With varying sizes of shelves, you can happily store winter knee-highs beside summer espadrilles.  If there’s no room for a full shoe closet, an easy alternative is to use a decorative wooden ladder (typically seen in bathrooms), to display your prettiest shoes.


Room with a view

If you are lucky enough to have a room which leads to an outdoor space, or a wide light-filled window then opt for a sleek, modern white-out look.  Add textures and warmth with a deep pile or sheepskin rug.


Jewellery Display

Don’t forget about your jewellery collection. We love the idea of displaying rings, bracelets and earrings on colourful trays. Whilst your necklaces, to stop them getting tangled, should be placed on beautiful hooks.

Sunny Side Up

The ever-so-trendy yellow and grey combination continues to pave the way in the interiors world – the perfect pairing of colours as we segue into Summer.

Our edit of the best yellow and grey room inspirations.

grey and ochre

Grey and Ochre

Set against french grey walls and a grey sofa, the feature ochre armchair adds the perfect subdued splash of colour to an otherwise cold room. Whilst the ornate gold mirror, balances the two tones, drawing you in.

Recreate the look: Yellow Linen Chair, £1475 Graham and Green/ Beth Gold Rectangular Mirror, £220.50 Laura Ashley

Ideal Reading Nook

Create an idyllic reading nook, by simply taking an unused corner and furnishing it with a combination of warm, cosy textures. Accents of grey placed against a paler background draws attention to this ever-so-enticing mustard-yellow chaise. Decorate with piles of your favourite magazines and coffee table books and make this your personal respite space for a 5 minute time-out with cuppa.

Furniture Divas have a selection of fabulous Chaise Longues to recreate the look.

moulding wallpaper

Moulding Framed Wallpaper

The idea of a feature wall might be enticing but isn’t always practical. Instead we’d suggest a feature wallpaper. A striking alternative to a whole re-papered wall, it sets off the rest of the furniture and looks bold and fresh against the classic grey and white shades. Quirky pom pom cushions add an extra element of warmth and comfort to the room.

Find inspired pom pom cushions at Dunelm Mill and moulding wallpapers at Cole and Son

yellow accent chair 2

Yellow Accent Chair

Update any room with a bright, bold chair. This particular mustard yellow desk chair brightens up a classical study, but would also work within an other-wise stark kitchen around a dining table.  Its modern and sleek dimensions also make it a versatile piece ideal for a small space.

Find similar chairs at Ciel.

kids bedroom

Kids Bedroom

The obvious place for creative decor, a children’s bedroom can be easily updated. We love how this ladder has been cleverly redirected into a bold bookshelf for favourite stories. We also, love that it forms the basis (and trunk) of the inspired tree feature.

Find similar shelf ladders at A Place For Everything.

Framed Wall

Use various shapes and sizes of empty photograph frames to flatter wall detailing such as beautiful panelling or original brickwork. Ideal for hallways. This combined selection of yellow and antique gold shaded frames set against a dove grey painted wall is elegant and interesting.